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Who we are

We are artisans

We like our work

We do it with passion

Excellency and innovation are our North star


How we do it

Making these products is not just painting a piece of glass. It requires the passion and expertise of many artisans turning boards of wood, bars of aluminium, paints and many other materials into beautiful products.

Each of them is different. The one that you will receive includes the hand print of every single person that collaborated to its making.

See our corporate video that shows the making process. So many steps to deliver an original artefact that will enlight your home.

Cleaning and quality control

Reverse painting on glass is really difficult to make. It probably explains why only few crazy artisans are still fighting to perpetuate this awesome tradition.

At Du Côté du Parc, we care about delivering the best products possible. So many steps, so many unexpected issues, so many details to check !

We know that you are impatient to receive the magnificient items you bought. Before to ship it, we dedicate countless efforts to endure that your expectations will be met.

Sometimes it takes some extra days to reach your hands because we care so much about how you will consider our work.

During the production process, numerous quality controls are performed and at last, the cleaning completed with extreme caution.

Cleaning 7

The decorative accessories that we manufacture at 

Du Coté Du Parc are made to last.

It is important to us that the resources we consume do not go to waste a few weeks after purchase.

Select carefully your product, you will enjoy it for many years in your home !